South African Football

Fans of football around the world may not be aware that South Africa is a great sporting nation with a real passion for the game.

Let our site guide you to some important facts about South African football.

Top South African Teams

A great starting point is learning about the top five South African teams, as ranked by points. Following on from this, we discuss what the most prominent clubs are renowned for. Who do you think is the most titled club? Or the wealthiest?

Bafana Bafana

Perhaps you don’t know what these words mean? You may be surprised to learn it’s South Africa’s national team. Here we discover their top five players of all time and go in-depth into their achievements. Find out how they have performed in the African Nations Cup over the years.

The World’s Most Popular Sport?

Obviously, we are passionate about football, but here we learn which are the other most popular sports in the world. Of course, football is number one on the list, and here we explain why four billion fans enjoy it!

Football Competitions, Far and Wide

Residents of South Africa will, of course, be interested in their national competitions, and this article studies the top four divisions. For those who enjoy football on the international stage, we have a guide to the European tournaments, including the Champions League and the UEFA Cup.

Everything you wanted to know about South African football and more, all brought to you in a handy website!