Shevchenko and the sad years at Chelsea (Part 7)

By the summer of 2008, Sheva told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that his fitness was now only 40% of what he used to be in Milan.

And for the first time, he expressed his desire to leave Chelsea. Chelsea were ready for a breakup, having paid £ 15 million to sign Nicolas Anelka from Bolton. Even letting Sheva go, Abramovich is playing nice. Without pay, Milan asked for Sheva’s loan from Chelsea, and Chelsea still paid most of the salary. A year later, he was allowed to return to Dynamo Kiev on a free transfer.

Sheva later recalled: “Abramovich almost immediately approved my request. I explained the reason for my departure clearly, that it was not by the club, teammate or coach. my level is back to Milan “.

On leaving Chelsea, Sheva has played Chelsea shirt 77 games, scoring 22 goals. The 2007 League Cup final was his last time playing for the Blues. The relationship between him and Chelsea is still good today, he often comes to watch matches at Stamford Bridge. Sheva has also done a good job as a coach. Ukraine has hired him as a coach since 2016, and Sheva brought them to the Euro finals, taking place next summer because of the Corona pandemic.

The 43-year-old man still keeps his home in Wentworth. His second son – Kristian – is 13 years old and a member of Chelsea Football Academy. Sheva has no grudge against the old club, English is now better. Many people predict he will become Chelsea coach in the future. Maybe it will be a more fun chapter than the player chapter.

In fact, Sheva did not come to Chelsea as a player. He was like a friend, coming to wear a friend’s team coat for love rather than conquering a certain career peak. Because of all the good things, I left them all in Italy.

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