Coach Unai Emery blamed his lover when he was fired by Arsenal

Former Arsenal manager Unai Emery blamed his lover Sacha Wright when he was sacked last year by the London club.

Unai Emery’s ex-girlfriend Sacha Wright first talked about the two-year romance between the two who ended last month.

“I trusted Unai and really believed that we would get married and have kids one day.

“I thought he was a gentleman, but I finally realized he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship.

HLV Unai Emery đổ lỗi cho người yêu khi bị Arsenal sa thải

Sacha cut off with Unai Emery last September, just two months before the manager was fired by Arsenal.

“That’s when he blamed me for getting him fired. He said that I was a witch for bringing so many bad things. He then told me that he was stressed out, lost his mind after breaking up.

Sacha’s revelations shed light on a time when Unai Emery was struggling with Arsenal. Not only that, he was often mocked for his poor English.

“We met in the summer of 2018 and started chatting, but I didn’t watch football so I didn’t know who he was.

“He told me that his job in sports and his English was very bad when he first moved to London”, Sacha revealed.

HLV Unai Emery đổ lỗi cho người yêu khi bị Arsenal sa thải

Unai Emery has been divorcing from Luisa’s wife for 6 years, but what Sacha disappoints the most is the secret in their relationship.

She added that she has never met family, friends or any Arsenal staff. If they happened to meet someone in a restaurant, he never introduced her as a girlfriend and if someone tried to take a picture, he tried to stop it.

The 35-year-old said after breaking up again last month, she vowed never to see Unai Emery again. That’s because during their meeting in San Sebastian just before New Year’s Eve, the Spaniard blamed Sacha for causing Arsenal to fail.

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