Messi ranked above Ronaldo in the Champions League last season

SICO Stats and Soccerex football statistics companies scored Lionel Messi the second highest, second only to Robert Lewandowski, in the Champions League last season.

According to the analysis, synthesized by SICO Stats and Soccerex – two companies specializing in providing statistics based in Spain, Lionel Messi got 9.29 points despite the fact that he and his teammates lost 2-8. against Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals. The score of the Barca captain is only behind Robert Lewandowski (9.86 points) and above Neymar (9.15 points), Cristiano Ronaldo (9 points).

Only the four players mentioned above achieved 9 points or more. Except for Lewandowski, the remaining members of the championship team Bayern Munich are below Messi and Ronaldo. Captain Manuel Neuer goalkeeper reached 8.81 points. Serge Gnabry, the third best striker in the league last season, got 8.96 points, Thiago Alcantara 8.91 points and Thomas Muller 8.87 points.

Lewandowsk is in top form in the Champions League final. The Polish striker launched an average of 3.6 shots per game, achieved 41.6% efficiency and had six assists for his team-mates.

ICO Stats introduced that their scoring system is based on an independent measure of individual player performance and team performance. With a target that is considered the performance cycle of each player, the company wants to offer solutions to prevent injury – which usually occurs when a player is at the end of the performance cycle.

Despite his fourth highest score, Ronaldo did not make it into the SICO Stats’ typical squad, which is arranged according to a 4-3-3 chart. The attacking trio are devoted to Lewandowski, Neymar and Messi. The three midfielders are Muller, Thiago and Kevin De Bruyne. The defender quartet are Joshua Kimmich, Virgil Van Dijk, Thiago Silva and Alphonso Davies.

Ronaldo was placed on the bench with 10 other players. Among these are goalkeeper PSG Keylor Navas and striker who has just joined Atletico Madrid – Luis Suarez.

Although Liverpool and Real Madrid stopped from the eighth round, their biggest stars are still appreciated. Van Dijk entered the typical formation, while left-back Andrew Robertson was placed on the bench with Toni Kroos.