Mourinho criticized his players and David Moyes

Jose Mourinho could not be satisfied with his students when he dropped 2 points in the last minute and did not forget his colleague, David Moyes.

Tottenham had a memorable day against West Ham in round 5. They only needed the first 16 minutes to hit the opponent’s net 3 times but only needed the last 10 minutes to drop 3 points. It will be difficult to imagine the outcome of the match if you only watch it until the 80th minute.

Of course, Mourinho can not be satisfied with this result, but the Portuguese teacher is still in time “stifled” by his colleague David Moyes in the post-match press conference:

“We controlled the game very well. Tottenham should have had the fourth goal after Harry Kane’s shot, but the ball reached the post, similar to Gareth Bale’s ball. But you know, this is football and you have to accept it sometimes.

I think the whole team lost its form in the late game. Winks come in and we find balance again. West Ham has risen strongly after having equalized. My players are not mentally strong enough to cope. At the last second, we lost 2 points.

West Ham is very strong in head-to-head confrontations. David Moyes found his “new Fellaini” at Tomas Soucek. In the end, they were lucky but played very hard. That is something commendable ”.

The Portuguese teacher mentioned the former midfielder of Everton and MU with a very clear meaning. It is ironic that David Moyes knows only one post is to cross the wing to a tall player in the ball dispute. Indeed, all three of West Ham’s goals have been related to cross-shots from the edge.

This is not a new tactic, but it is most effective. The Tottenham midfielder did a good job against the ball in the first 80 minutes, but only the last 10 minutes were neglected. They lost 3 points immediately.

Meanwhile, David Moyes revealed the toughest decision on the match was … to do nothing during the break: “We had a hard time in the break between the two halves being ahead. 3 goals Personally, I think the players played well in the first 5 to 10 minutes.

My hardest decision in this match was to not make any changes during the break. People often make adjustments in such situations. However, I see that my players have played well enough so change is not necessary”.