The bookie believes Bayern, the MU championship is lower than PSG (Part 1)

The first leg of the Champions League group stage 2020/21 has ended. At this time, experts say Bayern Munich, Man City and Liverpool are the brightest candidates of this season.

MU sparked a little hope for fans with 2 convincing victories over PSG and RB Leipzig, the teams that reached the final and semi-finals of the Champions League last season. But very quickly, all returned to their original positions, after the “Red Devils” revealed their true face on the Istanbul Basaksehir Stadium.

There are many teams similar to MU in the Champions League this year. That is they lack the stability needed. The other big boys are not much better than MU, even worse. Real Madrid, Juventus, PSG are playing the ball or the game is bad. And so, experts do not rank them as the biggest candidates for the prestigious European silver trophy in the 2020/21 season.

It is not easy for Solskjaer’s team to continue in Group H, although they are still ranked above Leipzig, PSG and Basaksehir. Falling into a difficult group, MU was underestimated in the championship race. William Hill betting company only ranked “Red Devils” as the eighth candidate for the ability to lift the prestigious silver cup, at the rate of 20/1 (1 to 20).

Bayern Munich, Man City, Liverpool and Barcelona are the four teams that have won all of the first 3 matches of the group stage, winning 9 absolute points. Therefore, it is not surprising that these 4 big men were ranked at the top of the group of champions by William Hill.

The defending champions Bayern Munich are considered to be the team with the greatest chance of winning the 2020/21 season. It is not surprising to look at the strength that the German team has shown in the past stage. They are ranked 11/4 (according to William Hill).