The reason why Messi was angry when he returned to Barcelona

Messi could not help but get angry when he returned to Barcelona after a mission trip with Argentina in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

After Argentina’s victory over Peru in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Lionel Messi boarded a private jet and arrived in Barcelona on a 15-hour flight.

However, he surprised him when he stepped onto Catalan soil by getting angry at the media waiting for him.

Messi, when asked about criticism from Antoine Griezmann’s uncle, Eric Olhats, admitted that he was tired of being considered a problem at Barca.

Olhats earlier blamed Messi for making his nephew’s life difficult since moving to the Nou Camp last year.

“I’m tired of being a problem at the club all the time,” Messi was annoyed at the reporters’ encirclement. “I arrived after 15 hours of flight and I saw someone coming from the Tax Department.”

According to Sport newspaper, when the private flight landed at El Prat airport, the tax inspectors were waiting for Messi. They ask all passengers, pilots and even aircraft to provide documents.

In addition, they conducted an hour-long interview with Messi, who was picked up by his wife Antonela Roccuzzo, then moved home to Castelldefels.

All of this seems to add to Messi’s tension over Barca after asking to leave in the summer.

Mundo Deportivo journalist Francesc Aguilar wrote on her Twitter account: “Tax inspectors cannot summon Lionel Messi to headquarters or speak to his lawyer? Should they come to see him at the airport when they just got back from Argentina? ”.

Barca could not sell Messi in the January 2021 transfer window to remove some money instead of losing the number one star in the summer of next year.

European media reported that Barca could sell Messi in January 2021. Man City wanted Messi earlier than expected, and Barca had an extra amount of money to solve financial difficulties instead of losing the star in the summer of next year.

But the Marca newspaper confirmed that Barca does not have the right to sell Messi at the beginning of next year and the Argentine striker can only leave at the end of the season on a free transfer.

The reason is that the provisional board of Barca is not given the right to negotiate to sell players.

The club’s rules state: “The provisional board of directors is in charge of the functions of a board of directors, runs the activities and represents the board of the club, but all is limited to actions necessary and essential to maintain the normal operation and protect the interests of the club”.

Thus, the provisional board of Barca does not have the right to negotiate with any club to sell Messi in January next year. They are only given two major assignments in the near future.

The first task is to hold elections on January 24, 2021 to find a new board and officially run the activities of the club.

The second task is to negotiate with players, staff and club staff to cut the salary of all Barca workers by 30% in order to cope with the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Thus, Messi can only leave Barca on a free transfer in the summer of the year after the end of the contract with the club. But Barca’s board is hoping to convince Messi to sign a new contract later this season.