Bruno received the “rain of praise” after the masterpiece

The Portuguese midfielder continued to be the focus of Man Utd’s victory over rival Istanbul Basaksehir this morning.

Welcoming Istanbul Basaksehir at Old Traffold, Man Utd’s task is not only to pay back the unpaid debt in Turkey 2 weeks ago, but also to set the stage for the last two matches that are predicted by experts. commented that was full of danger before RB Leipzig and PSG. And the students of coach Ole Solskjaer did not disappoint him.

In a very sublimated show, the red devil easily defeated Istanbul with a strong score of 4-1. Bruno Fernandes (double) and Marcus Rashford are the names that have helped the home team take a 3-0 lead after the first 45 minutes of play. Although Turuc brought a goal to shorten the score for the visitors in the 75th minute, Man Utd still won with a 3-goal difference when Daniel James fired goalkeeper Gunok in the second minute of the match.

The most notable highlight of Man Utd’s victory was Bruno Fernandes’s super opener in the 7th minute. Starting from a corner, the 25-year-old midfielder had a stretched finish like a mere word out of the box put the ball straight up the top of Gunok’s net and did not give the keeper any chance to block.

This superb strike from Bruno caused fever not only with the people watching live football but also with the legends of the team. Rio Ferdinand, Owen Hargreaves and Gary Lineker said Bruno ‘s goal is very similar to the “work” style of Paul Scholes in the past. Scholes himself acknowledged this similarity and did not fully praise his outstanding junior:

“It was a finishing position that I enjoyed very much. When the ball bounces, I always hope that no defender will come close and be ready to hit a left kick.

Bruno had a great game, he not only brought in the goals but also the one who made the biggest highlight of Man Utd’s play. Without a doubt, this is Bruno ‘s game”.