What Makes Soccer The Most Popular Sport In The World

Soccer has an estimated 4 billion fans making it the most popular sport in the world. This means more than half the world’s population are soccer fans. The points discussed below show why soccer is the most popular sport.

Inexpensive Sport

When playing soccer for fun, you don’t need a soccer ball, kids make their balls and enjoy this sport. The soccer ball is also cheap. For professional soccer players, they only need the soccer gear, which is a pair of soccer cleats and shin guards, and the team will provide the rest required items.

Soccer Can be Played Anyhow and Anywhere

Soccer can be played anywhere, provided there is space. Although it is an outdoor sport, it can be played indoors. Soccer is also very flexible, and you can play 11 vs. 11 styles in a full-size soccer field or 5 vs. 5 in an indoor court or the beach. There is also 7 vs. 7 soccer in a turf field.

Focused on the Player

In soccer, you can depend and concentrate on a single player of the team. Players follow some set rules, but a player can change the game with an individual play to help their team win. Players do so without breaking the rules, and this allows an individual player to shine, which is incredible.

Easy to Play

Soccer is easy to play and understand it. Watching soccer for the first time can make you know its rules like no use of hands, for you to score the ball has to go into the opponents’ goal, among others. This is unlike other complicated sports like basketball.

Internationally Played

Soccer is played in the whole world, unlike other sports like Cricket that is played in UK and Commonwealth countries, and American Football played in the USA.

If you have never played soccer, try it, and you will get to know why it has many fans around the world.